Terms of Sale


  • The following Terms of Sale are binding the Sarl PALAUVA, here called "Add-Wise Conseils" identification (Siret) number 800 103 954 R.C.S. Vienne, which location is at 61 rue de la République F-38110 La Tour du Pin - France, and everybody who is purchasing a service offer from "Add-Wise Conseils", thereafter designated as "the customer".
  • Every order of services purchased through "Add-Wise Conseils", implies acceptation without any reserves of the current Terms of Sale. Those Terms of Sale cancel any differing or contrary clauses to be found on any other document.
  • "Add-Wise Conseils" reserves the right to modify or to adapt, at any time, and without notice, the current Terms of Sale.

Sales Terms

  • Every order of services purchased through "Add-Wise Conseils" will be charged, to the terms prevailing at the date of its placing.
  • Prices from "Add-Wise Conseils" may be subject to changes without notice, depending upon changes in their cost structure and/or changing terms from suppliers.
  • Prices from "Add-Wise Conseils" are excluding V.A.T.


  • Orders are deem definitive when the customer had confirmed them by effective and full payment of their amounts. Definitive orders are then deemed binding for the customer.
  • Information shared by the customer when placing his/her order are binding: in case of mistakes in the contents of the delivery details, "Add-Wise Conseils" cannot be deemed responsible in its inability to deliver the order.


  • "Add-Wise Conseils" aims at treating and delivering the orders within short after their completion.
  • Deliveries of goods and/or documents, are based on either standard delivery times from the French La Poste (Colissimo® shipping), that is from 2 to 10 working days for Metropolitan France et from 7 to 30 days for any other country, for any physical goods, or within 2 working days as per electronic (e.g. files sharing) means.
  • Delivery time are given as sole indications and are not binding, due to the fact that those delivery times are not directly depending upon "Add-Wise Conseils" will and can sometimes fluctuate.
  • "Add-Wise Conseils" will not be held responsible for the consequences of any delay in delivery from La Poste or any other carrier. Delay in deliveries, for whatever reasons, will not be ground for neither damages, price reduction, nor payback of shipping fees, or be considered as ground for cancellation of the order. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure a good reception and access to any electronic deliveries (e.g. of documents) made from "Add-Wise Conseils" to her/him.
  • In case a package has not reached the customer, an investigation will be made toward La Poste or the Carrier. The time of enquiry from La Poste is of about 3 weeks. "Add-Wise Conseils" commits to indemnify (replacement, resend or reimbursement of the goods) the customer, if the investigation shows that the package has been lost.
  • In the case of a delivery made by La Poste whereas the package arrives open or damaged (especially when a yellow "La Poste" sticker has been taped), it is mandatory that the customer requires from the postman or the nearer Post office, an "observation of spoliation" (constat 170) in order for "Add-wise Conseils" to open an investigation as well as a compensation procedure.
  • Eventual custom fees are to be borne by the customer. "Add-Wise Conseils" is not able to precise the amount of eventual custom fees.
  • Any anomaly dealing with delivery (taint, missing good (as per the ordered items and delivery list), damaged packages, broken goods... ) shall imperatively be indicated on the delivery slip, with the presence of "handwritten reserves", undersigned by the customer.

Shipping fees

  • To reduce the cost of delivery, "Add-Wise Conseils" will aim at using the most economical, yet reliable, (e.g.) files sharing means available on the e-Markets, while it will offer its customers a fee depending on delivery area, which is based on La Poste fees, in Colissimo® shipments, or on the DHL® company's one., for any physical goods to be delivered.
  • The total shipping cost and mode will be specified, prior to payment, in the order summary, as soon as the client has indicated its delivery details.


  • Every order of services purchased through "Add-Wise Conseils" is due when ordering and can be paid by Pay-Pal® (Credit Card, Visa, Mastercard), Bank Check, or by Bank Transfer payment.
  • "Add-Wise Conseils" uses a secured payment system, personal customers information, as well as their Credit Card numbers are protected and encrypted prior to their sending to the center for payment.
  • Information related to the Credit Card are not stored by "Add-Wise Conseils" which never comes to know them, payment being made through the electronic bank payment platform.
  • Any unpaid bill, due to the lack of funding on the customer account, to wrong bank identification details as shared by the customer, or to any other motive will lead to a €15 fee, per due payment.


  • The service offers proposed by "Add-Wise Conseils" are bounds to the limits of available time. A first indication (tentative) of the  proposed service offer's "lead-time" will be given at time of quotation. 
  • Once the order of services has been registered, and may the order of services purchased through "Add-Wise Conseils" be temporarily unavailable, "Add-Wise Conseils" will do its utmost to inform the customer about the expected (postponed) new completion time, per written contact.
  • In case of permanent unavailability in fulfilling one of the proposed service offer, "Add-Wise Conseils" will contact the customer per written contact, in order to propose either the reimbursement for the amount of the ordered service offer, or to replace it with an alternative one. 

Merchandise return

  • In case goods gotten from "Add-Wise Conseils" are to be delivered, customer has a 7-day right from date of delivery, to return the goods for which she/he will not be satisfied by, shipment fees paid by her/him, to Laurent DOREY - BP 80023 F-38352 La Tour du Pin Cedex - France. The contents of the order, as well as the original wrappings, will have imperatively to be intact and unopened, as when delivered. Any return of goods will have to be accompanied by a copy of the delivery slip, as well as a description of the motive for return. Returned products, whether incomplete, damaged, broken, or dirtied by the customer, will not be taken back.
  • After verification of the good state of the goods and the integrity of the original wrappings, "Add-Wise Conseils" will proceed to the reimbursement of the customer, within 30 days, of the total value of the returned goods, with the exception of the back shipping fees.
  • No sending "against-refunding" (contre-remboursement) will be accepted, whatever the motive for it.
  • After 7 days, products will be considered as accepted and conform to the customer request, without any possibilities for reimbursement.

Data Protection Act 

  • As specified into the Data Protection Act of August 06th 2004, any customer of "Add-Wise Conseils", whether existing or prospective customer, has a right, at any time, to access, rectify and oppose, part or whole of her/his data, in writing, in a snail mail with a proof of identity, sent to Laurent DOREY - BP 80023 F-38352 La Tour du Pin Cedex - France.
  • "Add-Wise Conseils", and the www.add-wise.com website, is related to the simplified norm # ns48, linked to customers and prospective customers files, and the way the data are treated has been assessed as matching with the requirements of the norm.
  • "Add-Wise Conseils", and the www.add-wise.com website, does not keep any records as shared by its customers/visitors with any other goal than registering and shipping of orders, or of further communication about product offers, while it does not make any other use, nor sales to 3rd parts.
  • "Add-Wise Conseils", and the www.add-wise.com website, has made the declaration Number #1627972 v 0 toward the French Regulation body, the CNIL.
  • Access to the Norme simplifiée ns° 48 (in French only)

Force majeure

  • "Add-Wise Conseils" is freed of its obligation of delivery in case of any incidental or force majeure reason. For instance, partial or total strikes, flooding, fires, accidents, riots or wars, are assessed as being of force majeure nature.
  • "Add-Wise Conseils" reserves the right to cancel all or part of the orders of services or goods, in case one of its suppliers default or in case of force majeure.


  • In case of litigation, the customer will place his/her claims toward "Add-Wise Conseils" customer service department.
  • In case of disagreement, the Tribunal of Commerce of Grenoble - France will be the sole competent.