Ref: 10 DBIF-GB
- Doing Business in France

  • Duration: 3 days, 21 hours 
  • Cost: To be determined
  • Place: COGIS Formations - Oyonnax - Bourg en Bresse - Ambérieu 
  • Date: To be determined 

  • France is a country rich of traditions, culture, and past importance. In today’s business world, the country, its population and enterprises are meeting a unique phase of evolution, doubts and certitudes rendered complex by globalization.
  • What was true yesterday, may still be present, visible and genuine in the way the economy and its stakeholders are conducting business in France, or is it tacit, invisible and some kind of a guess work to abide by, without knowing?


- Help decipher what makes conducting business in France and with French interlocutors, a unique challenge
- Permit the identification and reuse of the right key triggers allowing for a better business and social understanding of your French business partners


- General Managers 
- Sales Managers 
- Export Managers 


- Active pedagogy: key data and facts about France, mixed with business stories and own experience dealing with France from inside and outside of France 
- Small workshops allowing for interplays, exchanges and hands-on tools (tips and tricks) to bring home/to France


Day 1: How is France shaped today, socio-demographically, culturally, business wise?
Day 2: What makes France and its people unique and can influence their perception of the world, the way they conduct business and do interact with people from outside of France?
Day 3: Interactive quizzes, plays, situations and how best to “Go Native French”. Recent Business case studies and their meaning about/for France and your expectations when dealing with French business partners

Note: All modules can be conducted in French as well.