- SME/SMIs 1st Steps Abroad

  • Duration: 3 days, 21 hours
  • Cost: To be determined
  • Place: COGIS Formations - Oyonnax - Bourg en Bresse - Ambérieu
  • Date: To be determined 

  • Incorporating an international approach to business, very early on, allows new/emerging companies to consider the export markets as a natural extension of their business processes and marketing. 
  • We will here un-dramatize the internationalization strategy of a company, and employees, by covering the fundaments and contradictions that one must possess, and master, and illustrate it by a series of case studies, and sharing of pragmatic perspectives and experiences in SMEs.


- Help determine the company's readiness and determination 
- Establish a functional knowledge and strategic skills acquisition plan
- Establish a series of indicators for success with improvement tools


- Executive / Sales Executive 
- Executive Assistant / new hires 
- Anyone with customer contacts, wishing to move towards more international activities


- Active pedagogy: alternation of theoretical lectures, simulation exercises and group work 
- Each participant has adapted course materials 


- Day 1: My own readiness to Export
My national market, the national & international players; our respective business strategies and policies, my Strengths and Weaknesses
My extended competition, my performance indicators transposable to export; where to start?  What are the Threats and Opportunities?
My business team; what influences export will/does have on my managing resources, my operational staff? What are my/the levers available?

Practical work

- Day 2: Internationalizing my offer
The process of founding, identifying and selecting a potential distribution partner. How, with whom?
Managing my commercial offers internationally; reflexes to have, not to have.

Practical work

- Day 3: Operating abroad
Managing an external "foreign" commercial and sales force; what styles, constraints, keys to leverage?
The geographically and culturally close export markets, the extended export markets; how to under-stand them. Moving my company into a multicultural world.

Practical work

Note: The modules can also be conducted entirely in French.