Ref: 01 GOIE-CC-GB
SME/SMIs: Import-Export Operations Management
- Audit of International Operations - Complete Cycle

  • Duration: 6 days, 42 hours, in 12 half days
  • Cost: To be determined 
  • Place: COGIS Formations - Oyonnax - Bourg en Bresse - Ambérieu
  • Date: To be determined
  • The aim here is to approach the "technical" aspects of the internationalization of ones activity, by covering  the various aspects and fundamentals that need to be known, and mastered, illustrated by practical cases, taken from a pragmatic experience in SME/SMIs.


- To assimilate the techniques of international trade
- Cover all the constituents of international logistics
- Initiate a pro-active, yet perennial and transferable, methodology


- Manager / Business Executive
- Executive Assistant / new hires
- Anyone with a customer contact who wants to evolve internationally 


- Modular approach according to experience / wish
- Alternation of theoretical contributions and practical exercises from the participants' project


- Half day 1: Incoterms
Understand them (definition, family)? Typology of the eleven 2010-Incoterms? Know how to use them (precaution, stakes, limits)
Practical work

- Half day 2: Logistics
International logistics chain (concept, global logis-tics, supply chain management, freight exchanges, intermodal transport, EDI), actors (possible choices, freight forwarders, main intermediaries), logistics subcontracting (advantages, limits)
 Practical work

- Half day 3: The peculiarities of container transport
What is a container? (definition, dimensions, types, marking), the emergence of container transport (his-tory, advantages, disadvantages), the use of contai-ners (packing, grouping) intermediate, logistics sub-contracting (advantages , limits)
 Practical work

- Half day 4: International transport
Modes of transport (shipping, air, land), pricing (shipping, air, land, cost of insurance), the choice of a transport solution (cost, security, time)
Practical work

- Half day 5: The legal framework of international transport
Transport insurance (importance of insurance, diffe-rent types), freight transport insurance contract (sea, air, land), carrier liability (international conventions, liability limits, compensation), regulation of claims (special, common damage)
Practical work

- Half day 6: Customs clearance
The tariff classification of goods (scope of classifi-cation, customs nomenclature), determination of origin of goods (non-preferential, preferential, cu-mulation of origin), customs value (on import, ex-port, statistical value) and transactional), customs clearance procedures (Delt@ procedures, electro-nic DAU, customs clearing solutions, authorized economic operator status)
Practical work

- Half day 7: Customs procedures
The common system (release for free circulation, release for consumption), the economic regimes (warehouse, temporary admission, processing), the transit system
Practical work

- Half day 8: The customs debt
The determination of the customs debt, the calcu-lation of the customs duties, customs duties and incoterms, determination of the VAT, the mecha-nism of the differential taxation, the methods of payment (creed of removal, recovery)
Practical work

- Half day 9: Payment instruments
Bank transfer (definition, SWIFT network, IPI, SEPA), bill of exchange (definition, feature, opportunity offered), promissory note
Practical work

- Half day 10: Documentary payment techniques
Payment against reimbursement, documentary remittance (definition, operation), documentary credit (definition, types of Credoc, mechanism, method of implementation, deadlines and deadlines for presentation, required documents, amendment, special forms), stand-by letter of credit (definition, functioning, implementation)
Practical work

- Half day 11: Financing modes
Financing requirements, financing techniques (mobi-lization, factoring), financing of medium-term trade receivables (forfeiting, supplier credit, buyer credit), bank guarantees and surety (bank guarantee, guarantee intervention mechanisms, letter of credit stand-by)
Practical work

- Half day 12: Intra-Community trade
Declaration of exchanges of goods (DEB for double purpose, types of declarations, various possible sup-ports, circulation of sensitive products), VAT system (intra-Community acquisitions, intra-Community deliveries, particular invoicing methods, e-commerce taxation)
 Practical work

Note: All modules can be conducted in French as well.