Expansion in Africa

Expansion in Africa

 Business Development
Direct & Channel Sales Animation
Key Accounts Management (B-to-B)


For many years, I have been the International Technical & Marketing Consultant for a medium sized company for which I have travelled intensively to the Maghreb area. Among the many capabilities, I have been offered to develop are the following:
  • Overall responsibility of the international training programs (local & worldwide end-users technical product trainings, internal & external sales training programs, lectures at national & international business congresses).
  • Marketing support for the export markets.
As such, through connections, acquaintances and a personal network, I have developed a unique network in quite an exhaustive series of countries.

key countries at reach

MoroccoAlgeriaSouth Africa

Key data 

The economy of Africa comprises more than 1.07 billion people living in 54 different countries
In March 2013, Africa was identified as the world's poorest inhabited continent; however, the World Bank expects that most African countries will reach "middle income" status by 2025 if current growth rates continue. In 2013, Africa was the world’s fastest-growing continent at 5.6% a year, and GDP is expected to rise by an average of over 6% a year between 2013 and 2023.

  • GDP: $2,390 trillion
  • GDP growth, Per capita: 5.16%
  • GDP per capita: US$2,320
  • Millionaires (US$): 100,000
  • Top 10% income: 44.7%