Operational Marketing

Operational Marketing

Marketing tools - keep your individual contacts informed 

  • Carry your main messages and corporate identity directly to your end-users and keep this precious link to current, as well as prospective customers, while encouraging your network to use this marketing tool locally, ...

 Editorial (message from the Management), customer's referrals (a selection from key area of business, geographical location, strategic weight and significance...), exhibitions calendar (come and meet us), latest updates (software updates, new product range, new application field...), ...


  • 1x A4 page, one side.
  • Office work, 1 module of 6hrs,
  • 1x language (english/french). 
€850 excl. VAT


  • 2x A4 pages, two sides.
  • Office work, 2 modules of 6hrs,
  • 1x language (english/french). 
€1.700 excl. VAT


  • 4x A4 pages, two sides.
  • Office work, 3 modules of 6hrs,
  • 1x language (english/french). 
€2.550 excl. VAT


  • 1x A4 page, two sides.
  • Office work, 2 modules of 6hrs,
  • 1x language (english/french). 
€1.700 excl. VAT
  • Includes verbal Briefing, Conception, 1st e-Draft, Review & Correction, 2nd e-Draft, final Review & Correction, files and final document Sharing.
  • Excludes VAT, printing, shipping, pictures & art works, URL, web hosting, web licence, (required) visits, (other languages) translation costs.


When Foss Electric entered into a new application field, a Business Unit was created with a team of experts at Head Quarters and Product Specialists in 14 countries. A set of internal, as well as external, materials have been created so to support their activities and enhance the internal communication around it. Among others, one can name:

A bi-monthly Information Bulletin, dedicated to the Business Unit team members, with success stories, developments, news, exhibitions...
An end-user Newsletter, aimed at customers the world over, with Company's editorial, Referrals, Products and Software news and updates, Exhibition calendar and Marketing Material reference lists
A set of so-called Technical Datasheets, gathering key information about the products, accreditations, references, for use by the Salespersons and the end-users