Expansion in Americas

Expansion in Americas

 Business Development
Direct & Channel Sales Animation
Key Accounts Management (B-to-B)


For many years, I have been the International Sales & Marketing Manager for a Danish company for which I have travelled intensively in North America. Among the many capabilities, I have been offered to develop are the following:
  • Management & development of the company's worldwide network of dealers, System Integrators & Key Accounts; sales visits, proposals, follow-up, budgets, forecasts, trade fairs.
  • Responsible for all exhibitions (USA, Asia, Europe), redaction of all marketing material (datasheets, brochures, newsletter, training programs, marketing campaigns), maintenance & enlargement of company's customer databases, Management & Project reviews.
As such, through connections, acquaintances and a personal network, I have developed a unique network in quite an exhaustive series of countries.

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Key data 

The economy of the Americas comprises more than 953 million people in 35 different countries.
The bulk of the American trade is done internally, between North America and South America, and also with Europe and China.

  • GDP: $20.971 trillion
  • GDP growth, Per capita: 3%
  • GDP per capita: US$21,989
  • Millionaires (US$): 3.75 million
  • Unemployment: 10%
  • Top 10% income: 38% GDP